Hi, I’m Zef

I help envision and guide experiences for people using products and services accessed via mobile devices, tablets, websites, applications and massive-scale digital interfaces. My knowledge of both technology trends and human behaviours makes me ideally placed to help shape a future vision of your customer and product experience.

I’ve worn many different hats…

I’ve worked in both the digital and experiential domains as a creative, head of design, team leader, manager and practitioner.

…and I’m a team-builder.

I’ve established and directed a number of high-performance design and user experience teams. My focus is to enable my team members to flourish and succeed through working collaboratively, undertaking research, envisioning solutions, designing, building, testing, delivering and gathering insights.

I’m still, at heart, a designer.

I have 20 years experience in the broad field of experience design (UX, UI, IA, IxD) and realising the potential of emerging technologies to bring fun, learning and wow moments to people’s lives.

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