Radio NZ Rocks Online

I’m probably a tad younger than the core Radio New Zealand demographic, but in recent years it has become my station of choice – thanks in part to my fabulous retro 1950’s transistor radio (which only picks up the AM frequency). The station makes me feel connected to the flavour of New Zealand I identify

TV3 Website Gives Me Nightmares

Just when I thought the web was actually going through a revival with usability, web standards, AJAX taking hold – and New Zealanders actually starting to churn out some pretty decent websites – TV3 had to come along and trash the party. Obviously TV3′s web designers needed a ‘What’s Hot/What’s Not’ list – so I’ve

Insincerity Sucks

An article in the Sunday Star Times (‘Insincerely yours’, Oct 9 2005) claims that New Zealand companies “are robbing their customers, robbing their staff, and robbing themselves with an insincere approach to customer service”. The article goes on to say: The good experiences were powerful – but so were the bad ones: “Some people were

Hurricane Rentokil

A hand drier has just been installed at the Provoke toilets, and it’s creating chaos… …all because of a string of simple usability issues. The source of the issue (arguably) is the paper hand towel dispenser. The towels are the big chunky variety – great for absorbing moisture and muck, but they don’t collapse down

Down Traden

Are you paying too much when buying goods on Trade Me? All it takes to find out is a couple of Googles. Last July our juicer became redundant. That is, I was enthusiastically trying to clean out the hard-to-reach festering gungy bits of fruit pulp, and the thing just flew apart (I blame the designers


My customer experience today at a ‘Theme Basics Store’ in Wellington… [ZEF] Hi, do you sell shower curtains? [TBS SHOP ASSISTANT] Yes – over there… (points) [ZEF] (looks over) They look great – can you tell me what length they are? [TBS] Hang on (finds a brochure) 180cm or 190cm – it depends – we’ve

Foto Blotto

It was my first exploration into the brave new world of ordering photo-prints online. I thought the experience would be simple… Visit a website Upload a bunch of photos I want printed Choose the size and format Enter my address and credit card details Then forget about it a for a few days… …until “viola!”

Blind Greens

While travelling from Ohakune to Paraparaumu the other day I became obsessed with the plethora of political party billboards lining the highway. To the point…The National Party takes the cake for effective design (and billboards per mile), and the Social Credit party billboard in Wanganui wins the prize for sheer audacity… (won’t they ever give

Kissing the Lips of E-govt

Achieving e-Government compliance for public sector websites will require a makeover that’s greater than skin-deep. Zef Fugaz looks at the realities of putting public service websites on the operating table and making them skip to an e-Government beat. Trevor has spoken. By 2006 all public service websites will have to be well and truly on

Rise of the Usability Guru

Your next Guru could be a usability practitioner. It was only a few years ago that the term “usability” was widely categorised as a misspelling or another lunatic fringe concept being pushed by idiosyncratic web designers. But a change is in the air and usability is increasingly becoming “the secret weapon” for many web and