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Just over a year ago I took part in an amazing team competition called FullCodePress to build a website from the ground-up in 24hrs. Read all about it Since then I’ve had numerous requests from User Experience professionals around the world for copies of my information architecture templates and artifacts.


At Click Suite we’re researching the feasibility of an outdoor  LED installation at a top secret location somewhere in Wellington. It’s in the early stages but what’s evident is that just like tall building envy, there’s LED envy. But is big HUGE MASSIVE always better? China has the biggest LED display right now, but as … Continue reading MEGA LED


It has been about six months since I changed jobs and now some of the projects my old team were working on at the time have started going public… This was my last mini-project during my last week at Provoke (ironic since I don’t eat meat!). I did the Information Architecture and Alastair Bruerton the … Continue reading leftovers

An interview with Jack Wyndham : Inventor of Goggle

Jack Wyndham invented the Goggle Chrome Appliance and founded the Milton Beekeeping Society. He talks with zef[a]media. You invented the Goggle Chrome Type Appliance? I came up with the idea of a quick-search sheet for cataloguing honey varieties (and bees) down copper telephone lines in 1957 when I was 39, and patented it in 1971. … Continue reading An interview with Jack Wyndham : Inventor of Goggle

Inventor donates browser prototype to ‘Art with a Heart’

After my exclusive  scoop last week created ripples on the internet, the original “Type Goggling Appliance” (one of just three prototypes) has been discovered on a dusty shelf at the rear of the Mataura Muesum.   No one knows how it came to be there but suspicions are that it was ‘acquired’ at a dawn … Continue reading Inventor donates browser prototype to ‘Art with a Heart’

Google Chrome invented by beekeeper

The creation of this, and over 20 other art works, was made possible by
Click Suite supporting us by donating a day to “Art with a Heart”.

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Some Slides to Share

The presentation slides from the UPANZ Wellington Spring Event which took place yestersday – thanks to all who came along… Don’t Get GUI : Get NUI! View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: gestural interface) Web Strategy (by Lulu Pachuau) View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: user strategy)