Get Real!

For years sci-fi movie-set designers and computer nerds have prophesised the advent of augmented reality, data overlaid onto transparent displays and pictures beamed directly onto our retinas.

Well, it’s starting to look like we’re now well on the path, for better or for worse.

A new generation of contact lenses built with very small circuits and LEDs promises bionic eyesight. Photo: University of Washington

I’m worried.

This technology in the hands of an unthinking user interface designer has the potential to hurt, maim or kill people.

Power to the People!

A presentation from my archives – many of the points made in these slides are still relevant today. Extracts from a workshop at GOVIS 2007. This one-day intensive workshop taught attendees how to incorporate user goals and agency needs into the web design process. Workshop presenters: Zef Fugaz, Bob Medcalf, Elyssa Timmer. Feedback from the

Blobbing-Up Users

We’ve been going all gooey over ‘blob charts’ – our answer to persona data analysis – a godsend when faced with dozens of interview transcriptions and observations. When analysing users we look at a huge number of facets including: …Gender, Age group, Family situation, Income, Housing, Where living, Occupation, Education, Race/Ethnicity, Nationality, Language skills, Social

Feedback from Power to the People

Apologies to my regular subscribers – I’m not keeping pace with my goal of two blogs a week. Part of the reason is the return of my dj turntables (I sold them in 1999 – now they’re back!), gathering and stacking firewood for the winter (which we’re told is “still coming”), and my work at

prototyping tools for web design

After a slow start to the year, the Wellington Usability Professionals group has an exciting series of events planned for 2007! To kick things off, their next meeting is Tuesday April 3rd and will be about prototyping tools for web design. A rapid iterative prototyping process is often used with user centred design (UCD) methodologies.

iFlat Earth

Are we throwing ourselves blindly into a yawning flat paradigm with the Apple iPhone? Let us consider a world without pressing your (or someone else’s) buttons… First of all, try kissing a glossy photograph of Bradgelina’s lips (Brad or Angelina, or both, depending on your persuasion). Next, try some real lips – you might want