Good Onya!

On Friday night I was the proud recipient of an ONYA – awarded to this website for ‘Best content (personal)’. The other finalists in the category were Alison Green of  WebWeaver for  The Gathering Archives, and Jared Gulian for  Moon over Martinborough. Sorry guys! What makes the ONYAs  so special is that the  judging panel

Feeding the Suite Spot

The SUITE SPOT (as seen at Webstock) takes live data feeds from blogs, Twitter, Flickr and SMS messages then ‘repurposes’ all of this into an exploratory scene.


The feeds might look  simple enough on screen but deciding what appears on the timeline, where and when were all challenges faced during the design and development.

The result is a single timeline for the Webstock community to explore feeds, but content can actually appear on several different spots within the timeline.

This is because  we considered the Webstock community and where they might look for content.

Here’s a few scenarios for our hypothetical user, Charlie Bird, who was, hypothetically, out dancing last night with Webstock celebrity Jane McGonigal:

Where’s Your Suite Spot?

Who knew swimming with data could be such fun.

In 2009 my employer, Click Suite, is a major sponsor of Webstock. Webstock is a series of workshops and floorplan3seminars held in Wellington from 16- 20 February focusing on web technologies and attracting major international speakers.

As part of our sponsorship we are providing an experimental interactive experience for conference participants. Entitled, the SUITE SPOT, it takes live data feeds from blogs, Twitter, Flickr and SMS messages then ‘repurposes’ all of this into an exploratory scene which grows and reacts to the incoming content. The SUITE SPOT will also be available on the web and projected on the big screen at the Webstock conference.

FullCodePress : The Aftermath

On Saturday 18 August 2007, teams from Australia and New Zealand competed to build a fully-operational website for a non-profit organisation in 24 hours. No excuses, no extensions, no budget overruns… Press release below. Full coverage, including videos, photos and commentary, over at FullCodePress Code Blacks bring home the trophy Kiwi geeks win trans-Tasman 24-hour

Taking Stock…

Well – Webstock was a blast. Here’s snippets from my seven days of coffee and haze… Sunday (PM) I join the Provoke crew to wine and dine the phenomenally busy Kelly Goto. Monday Running a packed UPANZ event with Kathy Sierra + Bert Bates… Kathy gives us plenty of food for thought – Phil and