The Money In Mining

4 thoughts on “The Money In Mining”

  1. Bit of a problem there. You’ve tied dollar amounts to height alone, not area; the $194bn is 2.4 times as deep as the $80bn, but it has about 4 times the area. So the infographic is actually deceptive, exaggerating the amount of minerals in NZ by a factor of almost two. You may want to redraft it.

    1. Thanks Mike. You were absolutely right. I struggled to calculate the volume with the curves (maths my weak point) so have simplified it somewhat. I believe it’s more accurate now.

  2. And have the unions been informed of this graphic? Judging by the area and assumed volume of the truck being utilised for the mine-deposits I strongly advise you that this is a two man job under article 212b of the mining and heavy lifters unions specs. Change it or I’m calling them off the job.

    1. Johnny – relax, it’s just a giant inflatable miner pretending to fill an oversized plastic trolley. And the trolley is full of jelly beans. Sorry I didn’t make that clear earlier.

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