Keeping sucking and carry on

3 thoughts on “Keeping sucking and carry on”

  1. Oh dear – sounds like mother, like son – except I read books and fantasize about possibilities while you do give things a go. Take a look at this newsletter The quote from Dali is especially relevant to both of us I feel – compulsive creativity can be a kind of destructive perfectionism. It is not too late for anything I assure you and there is time – start with 5 mins a day. Hope to see you sucking at lots of things in the future xxx

  2. Great story and great photo. Through the grain there is so much texture and detail. Your club flyers pinned-up, turntable boxes no doubt full of records, sandals casually lying on the floor… Keep on sucking.

  3. Keep on keeping on, Zef! Having got to know you so much better over the last few years, I admire you all the more for who you are and what you have achieved. I often tell people about you, and tell them to look at your web site. You have a unique point of view in this world, and we would all be poorer without it. Back yourself and “go for it!”

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