Free, free – set them free…

2 thoughts on “Free, free – set them free…”

  1. Sounds like you’ve gained at Frondes cost – on ya for spotting such an opportunity and giving Chandima the free reign but I trust Fronde will learn 🙂

    "Frondle" – niice 😉
    We at the place also talk about being "Frondled" which is probably against many a law but sounds just right!

  2. Zef, thanks for your kind words. Much humbled and blushing right about now..

    Don’t get me wrong, My 6 years at Synergy/Fronde taught me a lot of things and gave me opportunities to learn. But the main thing that was lacking to me in the last 2 years or so was lack of responsibility and the "free will" to do what "I" as a person liked to do in the areas that I was passionate about.

    I felt that as a person my concerns were not addressed effectivley. I am not the kind of person who sits around waiting for things to happen, I make them happen. So therefore I decided to move and Zef talking to me was just a very small part of that…

    I still give full credit to Synergy/Fronde for everything I learned there. I enjoyed my time spent there and always have nothing but good things to say about the people there. Afterall, it’s the people who make the place what it is. 🙂

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