I’m going off the rails

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  1. I can definitely sympathise with you and your reason for joining the car commuting classes! One question I wanted to ask you (because I know you would have thought about it) was why you don’t live closer to your work or work closer to where you live? That would help with the time spent commuting and the environmental cost, right?

  2. Reply to Johnny-johnny: I did weigh up the prons and cons of this and it’s all down to a careful balancing act to achieve a good quality of life not just for myself, but for my whole family. I earn a good wage but with four people on my income houses prices in Wellington are way beyond our means. On the Kapiti Coast we have a big cottage with sunshine and a block from the beach. So while living closer to my work would be better for me, it would be much worse for my loved ones. Unfortunately my job as a manager means I need lots of face-to-face time with my team, users and clients – so working from home is a rarity.

  3. Hi! I too can sympathise, and I really really really wish the trains would do what they’re meant to so people wouldn’t abandon them…anyway just wondering if you’ve tried to get in touch with anyone else working in the city who lives in your area so you could carpool – saving you money and maybe, if they were already driving, keeping another one or two cars off the road?

    [zef replies]. Thanks for the suggestion EJ. Yes, I have investigated this option but my eclectic hours make this unworkable. Some New Zealand sites worth checking out for those interested though are http://www.carpool.co.nz, http://www.carpoolnz.org/ and http://www.rideinfo.co.nz/

  4. I’ve noticed a real surge in visitors to the Carpool NZ (www.carpoolnz.org) website. Almost doubling each month. As more people start to share rides, it will make it a lot easier for people to match up with someone going in the same direction.

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