Quantum Theory Perplexes Information Hippies in Nelson

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  1. One thing (well, one of the many) I am curious about with regard to your design is the logical architecture. Does all of the information sit under one Site Collection or does it resemble the one given by Microsoft (see Investing in Logical Architectural Design Samples, application Pools 4 and 5).

    Many Thanks

  2. Our design was created on Beta 1 of MOSS and no documentation existed at that time. So I was essentially flying blind and did not have a good understanding the ‘site collection’ model.

    I recall I just assumed it would be one document collection and that the metadata would pull the relevant content as needed. I know this created challenges for the developers.

    Ari Baker (the lead developer) has posted some information on the approach in his blog ( http://ari.provoke.co.nz ) – he says:

    The filtered view of the content shown in the "Tag based navigation" section is a standard document library view web-part, with filters applied. This does not aggregate content from other libraries in the site, but draws data from a single document library within the "Tools and Resources" site. Other sites have similar filtered views of documents, and searching is used to find data across all the sites within the intranet.

    See also his article ‘How We Did It – Tag Driven Information Architecture using MOSS 2007 for the New Zealand Ministry of Transport’ ( http://tinyurl.com/5wv3y8 ).

    Now I understand MOSS better I would use a more logical approach with document libraries by ‘Content Type’ (e.g. News). But I still insist on metadata acting as the browse and search enabler.

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