Starving on the main-trunk line

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  1. Travelling on the Overlander is an exercise in preparation. We took the trip a couple of years ago and, anticipating shitty food, dutifully packed a bag full of fruit, sandwiches, thermos coffee, chips and biscuits. Sure it was heavy, but the sheer delight of not having to get up to get more, more, more food was bliss. It was slob heaven!
    Anyway, you call yourself a vegan yet expect to be able to travel so light and carefree? Even if you’d been at the front of the National Park queue, you’d still be complaining about the lettuce salad and soggy chips dipped in tallow… the problem isn’t Toll’s, IT’S SOCIETY THAT IS TO BLAME.

  2. "Kidults" hehe. That’s my favourite word of the day! It’s a real shame that our train service is so crappy – we usually encourage our overseas friends to make the trip once (just to see the scenery, after that there are better ways to travel!), but maybe now we won’t even do that!

  3. Brent – as I said, I was naive – a tofu burger to the slaughter. The last big train trip I went was on the Silverfern in the 70s. They had bunkbeds and a dining car. Back then people were taller and wore paisley.

  4. Yes, I agree with much of your comments and am absolutely amazed with the likes of the Silver Star Sleeper train not the Silver Fern that was allowed to lanquish in sidings when even if the carriages where disconnected and a service provided with possibly half of the carriage to cater to the weak excuse that less people were travellng by train.Instead we had world class train eventually hocked off and is just another in a long line of bad decisions. Others have been the cutting of services which would have resulted in surplus carriages nevertheless Toll Holding were running 2 services between Auckland and Wellington per day totalling 4 trips on 3 train sets!!This resulted in Southbound Northerner passengers having to wait in the likes of BRitomart which is far from passenger friendly for often up to 3 hours at a time to start their southbound journey. In addition to that while the Overlander was running on average about 45 minutes late per day due to speed restrictions, the Northerner was the sacrifical lamb when it run on average only about 10-15 minutes late for the simple reason speed restrictins dont need to be enforced at night!! We now have the situation where the public is basicaly told, use it or lose as far as the Overlander is concerned, but interestingly the pricing structure is based a zonal system rather than a progressively one applicable for both the Trans Coastal and the Trans Alpine services and we have the situation that based on last time I looked there is a minimum fare of $37 which would apply when travelling from one station to the next like from Marton to Feilding yet you can travel from Marton to Wellington for the same fare!! Words fail me. My understanding of the National Park situation while the public are convinced it is for their benefit to either eat or look at a mountain for 40 minutes, it is merely a logistical exercise in a crew changeover as they have reduced the number of drivers to engineer the train between Hamilton and Palmerston North.Finally, Toll Holding seem to think the public are gullible as to their advertising the steam engine Saturdays between FEilding and Ohakune, which shows the train passing over the viaduct NORTH of Ohakune, without overhead transmission lines on the viaduct, and pulling the Capital Connection train set not the Overlander Train set.

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