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  1. Top notch.
    Some people might wonder if it is worth spending the time going to this level of visual analysis as part of a business process, but having worked with you I guess you put them together relatively quickly.
    Am I right?

  2. Hi your tsunami graphic is awesome! I would love to be able to use your NZ map for a diagram i am doing in visio. Any chance you would send it to me?


  3. Zef – I’ve been “googling” infographics and all seem to be created by either Photoshop, Illustrator or other highly expensive graphics-based applications. Your infographics with Visio are amazing! Would you mind sending me some samples (visio format) so I can do a “reverse engineering” on them to see how you went about building the graphics? I currently use Excel and Powerpoint in creating my work and already get the “wow” from my clients but I see Visio as my “next step up”. Thanks in advance!

    1. Chi – I’ve emailed you my Visio file for the tsunami infographic. Visio is a very powerful and flexible programme, but Illustrator does allow you better design tools (the downside is that it’s not intuitive to learn and use – bring back Freehand!).

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