New Govt Web Guidelines

2 thoughts on “New Govt Web Guidelines”

  1. I’m currently going through the spec with my highlighter .

    I’d be interested to know your opinion about it: I’ve got some real pet peeves. Namely the rediculous ‘. ‘ requirement for the end of alt and title attributes!

    Has this ever been proven to be helpful, for anyone? None of the screen readers I have used gave a shit about it – and why would they? The browser must be smart enough to recognise the end of a alt attribute, take a small pause, and then proceed with the next piece of text.

    All this requirement does is muddle my beautiful html with eroneous, presentation junk.

    Anyone have any experience of this requirement being useful?

    My co-worker’s main annoyance is the ‘[‘ access-key requirement.

  2. While use of a 216 colour palette is no longer stipulated as a Standard (you might even be able to thank me for that), one of my pet peeves that it still appears in the suggestions

    When I check website user stats the computers using lower than High Color (16 bit) is zilch – even the most modern mobile devices use thousands of colours. But I agree with the requirements for sufficient contrast and catering to colour-blind people.

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