SleevesUp: Head of CX Design (2016-2019)

As the Customer Experience Design Lead at SleevesUp, I had the exciting opportunity to spearhead the customer experience design for multiple successful start-ups under the SleevesUp umbrella. SleevesUp is an ideas incubator and business builder based in Melbourne, founded in late 2015, with a mission to turn innovative ideas into profitable businesses with quality earnings.

During my tenure at SleevesUp, I led the customer experience strategy, research and design for the following start-ups: Sorted Services, Thrivor, Billcap, SpendWatt, Scorz, Independent Real Estate, Tally

My primary responsibilities included:

  1. Branding and CX Strategy: Collaborating with cross-functional teams to develop and implement branding and customer experience strategies tailored to each start-up’s unique offerings.
  2. Product Design: Leading the design of mobile apps, SaaS platforms, and consumer websites for the start-ups, ensuring user-friendly interfaces and seamless interactions.
  3. Marketing Support: Providing design input and assistance for marketing materials and campaigns to enhance customer acquisition and retention efforts.


  • Successfully developed and launched customer-centric products for multiple start-ups, contributing to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Played a key role in creating compelling brand identities for each start-up, enhancing their market positioning and recognition.
  • Collaborated with marketing teams to design engaging and effective campaigns, resulting in increased user acquisition and brand awareness.

Working at SleevesUp provided me with invaluable experience in leading customer experience design for diverse start-ups, honing my skills in product management, branding, and marketing. It was an exciting journey contributing to the growth and success of these ventures in a dynamic and competitive business landscape.