Hi, I’m Zef…

I’m a kiwi lad with an exotic name*. I grew up as a child of the hippie generation and by age 17 had struck out on my own.

My website logo way back in '94
My website banner way back in ’95.

My colourful career was launched as Assistant Editor at Tearaway Magazine in 1988. I then moved to television production and, in 1992, started work as a 3-D animator and television camera operator.

At around the same time I founded ‘Global Groove’, an eclectic show on student radio featuring interviews and underground dance music, which remained one of Radio One 91FM’s top rated programmes for half a decade.

In 1995 I launched ‘Global Groove the Website’ – featuring articles, record reviews, GIF animations and even music downloads (yeah, this took ages over a 14.4 kbit/s modem!).

I’ve since worked for various tech companies in Australia and New Zealand including Fronde, Rolling Stone (Next Media), Spunk Media, Provoke Solutions, Click Suite and Powershop.

I live in Wellington, Aotearoa (New Zealand) and working as the Head of Product for Tally Group (which is based in Melbourne, Australia).

* “Zef” was my childhood nickname – short for “Joseph”