• Digitise to Decarbonise!

    Digitise to Decarbonise!

    Author: Zef Fugaz. Originally published Jan 2023 by Tally Group. View the original post. How to help your customers take climate action with a click. At Tally Digital, our mission is to ‘create customer experiences with good energy’. ‘Good energy’ for customers comes from the gift of knowledge, being empowered to make informed choices and…

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  • Zef’s Management Ethos

    Zef’s Management Ethos

    Now that I have over seven years experience leading and managing Design/UX teams, I’m clear on what works and what doesn’t. I’ve never been a “command and control” manager – the type who is authoritative and decisive and usually has their team living in fear. My approach in recent years has been to be the quiet one working diligently behind…

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  • You’ve mastered UX. Where to next?

    You’ve mastered UX. Where to next?

    While User Experience is, like, at least six occupations rolled into one, it’s still possible to reach a point in your career when you’re asking yourself – “There must be more to it than this!” Time for a bit of a shake-up? 1. Carry on as usual but shift into a different industry While designing…

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  • I’m going on a power trip

    I’m going on a power trip

    After a wonderful five-plus years as the “UX Guy” at Click Suite I’m making a move to the pink palace in Newtown – Powershop HQ. I’ve continuously looked ahead to the next big thing and one reason I joined Click Suite is because I saw the touch-gesture revolution coming. Turns out, good move! I got…

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  • Walking Wikipedias

    Walking Wikipedias

    Experience Design is a constantly changing landscape where many of us get to temporarily step inside the protective bubble of organisations and industries most people only ever read about.

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  • NZ Govt Set to Mothball Economic Powertrain

    NZ Govt Set to Mothball Economic Powertrain

    In a myopic move the New Zealand Transport Agency has nixed a proposed rescue package that could have saved the long-running Capital Connection rail service. In the process they will be killing-off a productive little economy that has been thriving for over 20 years. Their excuse is that removing the service won’t lead to traffic…

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