• A Suite Makeover

    A Suite Makeover

    Ever heard the saying “you’re your own worst client?” In our industry it’s common knowledge that a DYO (or “Design Your Own“) website is one of the trickiest things a web/interactive/design company can undertake. First of all, paid work always comes first. So despite your best efforts the DYO falls by the wayside, only to…

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  • Tsunami Early Warning Information Graphic

    Tsunami Early Warning Information Graphic

      When the recent 6 metre tsunami hit the Samoan region, killing 189 people, there unfortunately wasn’t time to warn their people. But there was time to warn their neighbours in the South Pacific. We failed. New Zealand had several hours to crank-up the tsunami warning machine. The police did their best to round up…

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  • Tsunami of Confusion

    Tsunami of Confusion

    The information graphics created to inform people on the Samoan tsunami about to hit New Zealand didn’t send a clear message. When disaster hits it spreads on the internet like wildfire. But the information graphics the public are served up are next to useless for making an informed decision on whether or not you’re in…

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  • User Centred Design with Microsoft Expression

    User Centred Design with Microsoft Expression

    A presentation from my archives – many of the points made in these slides are still relevant today. A brief presentation I did at ‘Microsoft Expression for Art’s Sake‘ – a 3 Day Silverlight Camp held in Wellington, New Zealand in April 2009. It makes the simple point that, while Expression is a great tool-set,…

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  • Designing for Loyalty

    Astute web designers do more than just design with your customers in mind- they actually design with your customers- in person. Zef Fugaz looks at ways to get your users on board, and looks at New Zealand success stories. This article originally appeared in Unlimited Magazine (June 2004) The dotcom crash taught the young web…

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  • Kissing the Lips of E-govt

    Kissing the Lips of E-govt

    Achieving e-Government compliance for public sector websites will require a makeover that’s greater than skin-deep. Zef Fugaz looks at the realities of putting public service websites on the operating table and making them skip to an e-Government beat. Trevor has spoken. By 2006 all public service websites will have to be well and truly on…

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