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Feeding the Suite Spot

The SUITE SPOT (as seen at Webstock) takes live data feeds from blogs, Twitter, Flickr and SMS messages then ‘repurposes’ all of this into an exploratory scene. The feeds might look  simple enough on screen but deciding what appears on the timeline, where and when were all challenges faced during the design and development. The […]

by jimi ! the critics have their say…

Tom Coates Rowan Smith Zef conjured a web persona into Jimi Hendrix before we knew what was happening. The real Hendrix was better (I was hoping for Star Spangled Banner) but Zef’s one was a damn fine stand-in. wasabicube Jimi plays a mean ukelele during Zef’s 8×5 presentation Shadowfoot Robyn …as one of the few […]

Getting it On! (@ Webstock 2008)

  Thank goodness Webstock is over!  Too much of a good thing can corrupt the senses… Photo by wasabicube On Jimi Was that pre-recorded? No Was that his real hair? Yes Wow, who on Earth was that? My bro: Was it videod? See it on YouTube. Official version should soon appear on Webstock. Can I see the […]

FullCodePress: User Experience Perspective

Occasionally I get emails asking about the (rapid) information architecture process I followed for   FullCodePress last year. Steve Batey from Meld Consulting asks all the right questions and has agreed to share my answers with you! [Steve] What were your thoughts going into the event about your role in the process? Were you concerned […]

FullCodePress : The Aftermath

On Saturday 18 August 2007, teams from Australia and New Zealand competed to build a fully-operational website for a non-profit organisation in 24 hours. No excuses, no extensions, no budget overruns… Press release below. Full coverage, including videos, photos and commentary, over at FullCodePress Code Blacks bring home the trophy Kiwi geeks win trans-Tasman 24-hour […]

Taking Stock…

Well – Webstock was a blast. Here’s snippets from my seven days of coffee and haze… Sunday (PM) I join the Provoke crew to wine and dine the phenomenally busy Kelly Goto. Monday Running a packed UPANZ event with Kathy Sierra + Bert Bates… Kathy gives us plenty of food for thought – Phil and […]