Taking Stock…

Zef & Bob winging it at Webstock 2006 (Photo by Keith Miller).

Well – Webstock was a blast. Here’s snippets from my seven days of coffee and haze…

Sunday (PM)
I join the Provoke crew to wine and dine the phenomenally busy Kelly Goto.

Running a packed UPANZ event with Kathy Sierra + Bert Bates… Kathy gives us plenty of food for thought – Phil and Dave are lovin’ it!

Zef & Bob wing it at Webstock.

Kelly Goto workshop – I meet up with my old workmate Col and Kelly gives us a refresher course in card-sorting.

Kelly visits Provoke and we share stories (plans afoot to keep in touch).

Bob and I disrupt the show with our unrehearsed rendition of “The Web Times They Are A Changin”.

Friday (PM)
I can barely stay awake, but by dinner time I’m well awake – having a few wines, hangin’ out with Bob, Alex and the Auckland Shifties – then Odessa take the stage for an hour of the finest, funkiest r’n’b rock I’ve danced to in yonks…

Saturday (AM)
Crammed into a corner at the legendary Tupelo with the talkative Russell Brown, half the Webstock crew, a Belgian programmer and a rather wasted South African who apparently sorts files for the American Embassy. I’ve missed the last train home so looking for a place to stay – luckily Bob and I track down the remains of the Provoke posse – Isha kindly loans me his sofa and duvet.

…and next week is looking even busier!