by jimi ! the critics have their say…

Tom Coates

Rowan Smith

Zef conjured a web persona into Jimi Hendrix before we knew what was happening. The real Hendrix was better (I was hoping for Star Spangled Banner) but Zef’s one was a damn fine stand-in.


Jimi plays a mean ukelele during Zef’s 8×5 presentation




…as one of the few people there old enough to remember the original Woodstock I can assure everyone that Jimi Hendrix lives!

Joanna McLeod

Jimmy Hendrix came out to play on a ukelale. I can’t spell.


Zef and Provoke and Jimi – What a live performance!

deb sidelinger

jimi hendrix makes an appearance at webstock

a world inside

Jimmy Hendrix sings about … website usability?


He’s sexy and has a ukulele. He has crazy hair which turns me on I like him he has a nice


Please try eating some cookies.