Where’s Your Suite Spot?

Who knew swimming with data could be such fun.

In 2009 my employer, Click Suite, is a major sponsor of Webstock. Webstock is a series of workshops and floorplan3seminars held in Wellington from 16- 20 February focusing on web technologies and attracting major international speakers.

As part of our sponsorship we are providing an experimental interactive experience for conference participants. Entitled, the SUITE SPOT, it takes live data feeds from blogs, Twitter, Flickr and SMS messages then ‘repurposes’ all of this into an exploratory scene which grows and reacts to the incoming content. The SUITE SPOT will also be available on the web and projected on the big screen at the Webstock conference.

The application will also search the web for appropriately tagged content and interpret this content into graphical streams. The content can also be filtered via a timeline of the event, or by content type (image or blog post etc).

Users can then view this content on either: the SUITE SPOT website; a large screen in the main auditorium; or, via a gestural interface in the main foyer. The gestural interaction will allow people to immerse themselves in the SUITE SPOT and ‘swim’ through the data simply by moving their hands in the air.

This system has been developed in-house by Click Suite and was created using emerging technologies which enable more natural ways to interact with computers and data.