Climate Change

  • NZ Govt Set to Mothball Economic Powertrain

    NZ Govt Set to Mothball Economic Powertrain

    In a myopic move the New Zealand Transport Agency has nixed a proposed rescue package that could have saved the long-running Capital Connection rail service. In the process they will be killing-off a productive little economy that has been thriving for over 20 years. Their excuse is that removing the service won’t lead to traffic…

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  • So it’s about time I updated my blog isn’t it?

    So it’s about time I updated my blog isn’t it?

    Well… …I don’t have a plan but it looks like I’m back. I think I’m going to be less glossy and a bit more gritty from now on. You’ll not only be hearing about my adventures in Experience Design but whatever’s rocking my world right now. I’ll reveal more about my personal life, thoughts and…

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  • Milking the Climate

    Milking the Climate

    The above infographic was created for the Science Media Centre to coincide with the launch of the revised New Zealand emissions trading scheme (ETS) which came in to effect last July. New Zealand emissions have grown by over 20% above 1990 levels. The ETS is a first attempt to price carbon dioxide and other greenhouse…

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  • The Money In Mining

    The Money In Mining

    In March 2010, New Zealand’s Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee and Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson released a discussion paper containing a suite of measures to facilitate development of New Zealand’s mineral estate – this included minerals within national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, marine reserves and protected islands. The Standard argued that the figures for mining…

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  • 7000h


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    At Click Suite we’re researching the feasibility of an outdoor  LED installation at a top secret location somewhere in Wellington. It’s in the early stages but what’s evident is that just like tall building envy, there’s LED envy. But is big HUGE MASSIVE always better? China has the biggest LED display right now, but as…

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  • who wants to save the world?

    The Imagine Cup encourages young people to apply their imagination, passion and creativity to technology innovations that can make a difference in the world today. Now in its sixth year, the Imagine Cup has grown to be a truly global competition focused on finding solutions to real world issues. The 2008 Theme: The Environment Provoke…

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  • It’s about the experience…

    It’s about the experience…

    While Provoke has a golden reputation for being leaders in Microsoft-driven solutions, this doesn’t restrict our dUX (Design & User Experience) team from crafting an awesome experience for other technology platforms. The most recently example is – with the information architecture, visual design and HTML/CSS templates created by Provoke (in close collaboration with the…

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  • re-Gathering

    The Gathering was New Zealand’s biggest and best outdoor dance party, which was held every New Year for six years between 1996 and 2001. This is the first Gathering documentary which was about the 97/98 event, held at the magical Canaan Downs site on top of Takaka Hill near Nelson. In this footage you’ll catch…

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  • When Greens Go Bad

    I’m surrounded by brand new Prius’ in traffic. My neighbours have installed solar panels. Organic food is now trendy. Can I afford to be “green” anymore? THEN (the past 20+ years) NOW (the past 12 months) Should my track record be dated back to 1971 I figure that I’d be getting a hefty pay-out from…

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  • Sitting on a Hybridised Bomb?

    In my search for a fuel-efficient car I was amazed to learn that in New Zealand you can buy a Prius for around $5000.

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  • I’m going off the rails

    In an act of hypocrisy I’m abandoning electric rail in favour of a fossil-guzzling car. This was not a light decision, but the Kapiti-Wellington public transport system has literally driven me off the rails… For years I’ve been a staunch climate change warrior. I’d catch a bus from home to the Paraparaumu train station (20…

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  • Usability is Bad for the Environment

    Soon after I relaunched my blog in January 2006 my subscriber base shot up from about a dozen regular readers to over 300 – and now fluctuates wildly between 150 and 250 I’ve been wondering about these fluctuations and discovered an interesting trend… Whenever I write about environmental issues – the subscriptions increase. …and… Whenever…

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  • ‘Absolute Beachfront’ by 2050

    What will New Zealand look like in 20 years if we don’t have fresh Water, are still dependant on Oil and human-induced Climate? A sea-level rise of 5m will make my house ‘absolute beachfront’.To debate this I recommend you subscribe to Future Blog – which has a focus on Wellington/New Zealand environmental issues. It’s well…

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  • War on Pop-Up Pollution!

    Pop-up creators are polluting our fragile web eco-system – they must look to alternatives. Now pop-ups are infiltrating people’s homes and messing-up the web eco-system.You might not realise it, but your friends, family and co-workers are all suffering from the long-term consequences of pop-up pollution. Common  symptoms include cluttered desk-tops, confused navigators and homeless browser…

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  • Eco Entrepreneurs

    Peter, a retired engineer who lives in Waitati (near Dunedin), says he has designed a prototype system which will convert household organic waste into biodiesel fuel. His contraption links up to an existing ‘insinkerator’ disposal unit or can be fed directly with compost and shredded garden waste. “With my system anybody can make biodiesel. It’s…

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  • Helen Gets a Little Bit Bold(er)

    My blog a few weeks ago (‘I want my bioethanol now’) sparked a number of responses from my readers (and since then I’ve also gained over 100 new subscribers!) Helen likes Sweden’s bold vision… Obviously alternative fuels is a hot topic and in the past few days has also re-entered the political arena in New…

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  • Anesthetising Our Way of Life

    According to at least one New Zealander we’re well on the way to sharing a similar fate as the 14th century Easter (or ‘Rapanui’) Islanders. This morning Linda Clark was interviewing Peter Lloyd – a Hawkes Bay senior anesthetist turned climate change expert. He had grave concerns for New Zealand and the planet in the…

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  • Painting Over History

    Another little bit of Wellington history was given a ‘big brush over’ earlier this month. It was a row of old shop-front signs on the corner of Cuba and Ghuznee Streets (which looked as though they originated from the middle of last century). It’s the sort of thing which goes on all the time, but…

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  • I Want My Bioethanol Now!

    While New Zealand seems stuck in some sort of laxy dazy sloth warp, Iceland plans to become the first country to replace fossil fuels with hydrogen for all its energy needs. Brazil has been busy making biogas from soybeans, Sweden from the entrails of dead cows, and Ireland has developed a car which runs on…

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  • Kooks on Killer Highway

    Every weekday I see dozens of people tempting fate on one of New Zealand’s most deadly stretches of highway. TXT driving on the Kapiti CoastThankfully I’m sitting safely on the commuter train which runs parallel to the Queens Highway between Paekakariki and Pukerua Bay. For about five minutes the train is within about 10 metres…

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