3 responses to “7000h”

  1. elliot Avatar

    Cool, how many AK CBD’s is that? I have my tent ready for months of protesting in the bush.

    1. Zef Avatar

      That’s around 16 Auckland CBDs – maybe they should mine there instead? Surely lots of uranium under all those tower blocks!

  2. Alison Green Avatar

    I’m with you Elliot. I’ll be chaining myself to the bulldozers before I let this happen!

    …and of course Zef’s very cool diagrams don’t even begin to include the “collateral damage” – roads in and out, tailings ponds (and resultant appalling pollution with heavy metals, cyanide and the like), destruction of irreplaceable ecosystems and rare native species and irreparable damage to our (already wobbly) clean green image and resultant negative effects on tourism.

    Aaargh! This is so OUTRAGEOUS I can’t even being to express how outraged I feel. Man the barricades!