The Money In Mining

In March 2010, New Zealand’s Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee and Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson released a discussion paper containing a suite of measures to facilitate development of New Zealand’s mineral estate – this included minerals within national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, marine reserves and protected islands.

The Standard argued that the figures for mining don’t stack up. Here’s my visual interpretation of these figures (view full size).


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4 responses to “The Money In Mining”

  1. Mike Dickison Avatar

    Bit of a problem there. You’ve tied dollar amounts to height alone, not area; the $194bn is 2.4 times as deep as the $80bn, but it has about 4 times the area. So the infographic is actually deceptive, exaggerating the amount of minerals in NZ by a factor of almost two. You may want to redraft it.

    1. Zef Avatar

      Thanks Mike. You were absolutely right. I struggled to calculate the volume with the curves (maths my weak point) so have simplified it somewhat. I believe it’s more accurate now.

  2. Johnny Weissmuller Avatar

    And have the unions been informed of this graphic? Judging by the area and assumed volume of the truck being utilised for the mine-deposits I strongly advise you that this is a two man job under article 212b of the mining and heavy lifters unions specs. Change it or I’m calling them off the job.

    1. Zef Avatar

      Johnny – relax, it’s just a giant inflatable miner pretending to fill an oversized plastic trolley. And the trolley is full of jelly beans. Sorry I didn’t make that clear earlier.