What’s Hot for UX?

There appears to have been a slight upsurge in recent months of companies looking for User Experience (UX) people in New Zealand.

But taking a peek at the advertised jobs you could be left scratching your head when faced with the diversity of job descriptions and increasingly bizarre skill-sets expected of the ever-malleable and super-human UX consultant (who, it seems, needs to be an expert at nearly everything!)

So I took ten recently advertised jobs within the UX field and condensed the job descriptions into a manageable list of expertise.

The larger the segment the larger the number of mentions across the ten jobs.

The largest segment, User Research, incorporates “conducting stakeholder and user research”, “behavioural research”, “contextual enquiries” and “personas” as well as “workshops and focus groups”.

Customer Journey Mapping includes “story-boarding”,   “workflow and scenarios”.

I included “wireframes” under Prototyping.

The rest of the labels hopefully speak for themselves.

If you’re looking to move in to the UX field, or looking for a job in UX, this should give you some clues as to what the New Zealand employment marketing is currently seeking from User Experience professionals…

user research
workshops and focus groups
Conduct stakeholder and user research
behavioural research
contextual enquiries