Usability is Bad for the Environment

Soon after I relaunched my blog in January 2006 my subscriber base shot up from about a dozen regular readers to over 300 – and now fluctuates wildly between 150 and 250

I’ve been wondering about these fluctuations and discovered an interesting trend…

  • Whenever I write about environmental issues – the subscriptions increase.


  • Whenever I write about interaction design, the web or usability, the subscriptions drop.

Maybe I’m in the wrong industry!

So I went a bit mad, and tried to combine environmentalism with interaction design (see ‘Environmentally Friendlier Pop-ups’).

That one lost me about 50 subcribers!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t keep everyone happy all of the time, and that specialist topics such as ‘interaction design’ probably don’t interest most people interested in environmental issues.

So I’ve launched a new blog – just for those of you who are environmentally-minded…

eeBut this is more that just a blog – it’s an ideas engine for one of my sideline projects…

Here’s the vision:

EcoElves will be a new type of online system which allows users to partake in building an eco-friendly\’ planet by collectively contributing resources to eco-projects. The EcoElves blog aims to share ideas, get feedback on the early concepts and explore ways EcoElves and the internet might be utilised to empower people to collaborate and adapt to the challenges of climate change and the degredation of the environment.

And since I’m on the new site launch bandwagon, a tip to keep an eye on this site as well:

When I find time I’ll be uploading it with FREE music, comics and other creative stuff.