‘Absolute Beachfront’ by 2050

What will New Zealand look like in 20 years if we don’t have fresh Water, are still dependant on Oil and human-induced Climate?

A sea-level rise of 5m will make my house ‘absolute beachfront’.
To debate this I recommend you subscribe to Future Blog – which has a focus on Wellington/New Zealand environmental issues. It’s well written with engaging content and fabulous photos.

Future Blog made me aware of Floodmaps – which is the killer web application I’ve been waiting for.

It uses Google Maps image data to create a model of what the Earth might look like when the sea levels rise due to climate change.

I’ve heard some predictions of anything up to 10m rise within the next 50 years – so I picked a 5m water level rise to see how it would affect where I live…

Well, turns out that this would put the sea right on my doorstep (assuming the waves and tide don’t erode the sand-dune we sit on).

So I’m faced with a problem…

Should we sell now (while seaside properties still fetch a good price) and move to higher ground?

Or sit back, relax and expect that someone will eventually build a massive seawall to stop the incoming tide?

Or maybe I should be investing in a start-up company which makes houses that float!