• Digitise to Decarbonise!

    Digitise to Decarbonise!

    Author: Zef Fugaz. Originally published Jan 2023 by Tally Group. View the original post. How to help your customers take climate action with a click. At Tally Digital, our mission is to ‘create customer experiences with good energy’. ‘Good energy’ for customers comes from the gift of knowledge, being empowered to make informed choices and…

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  • A Suite Makeover

    A Suite Makeover

    Ever heard the saying “you’re your own worst client?” In our industry it’s common knowledge that a DYO (or “Design Your Own“) website is one of the trickiest things a web/interactive/design company can undertake. First of all, paid work always comes first. So despite your best efforts the DYO falls by the wayside, only to…

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  • Tabatha the Service Design Goddess

    Tabatha the Service Design Goddess

    Business owners, service delivery managers, business analysts and user experience consultants could learn a lot from tacky reality TV shows like ‘Tabatha’s Salon Takeover’. The straight-talking Ozzie, Tabatha Coffey lends her sound advice and styling expertise to help make over America one salon at a time in this new series (Friday’s, 9.30pm on TV3). In…

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  • Don’t Mash the Method

    Don’t Mash the Method

    Is ‘process’ the same as ‘method’? Many people seem confused. Does it matter? Sort of. It matters when your job is to take a look at how a company runs its design and production line. Over the years I’ve re-engineered the in-house processes for a handful of IT and New Media companies. I’ve learnt that,…

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  • What’s Your Strategy for the Downturnaround?

    What’s Your Strategy for the Downturnaround?

    The seeds of the next big thing are being planted now. Are you getting ready to turn the downturn into an upturn? No-one yet knows what the new economy will look like, but one thing is for sure, 2009 is going to be pretty turbulent. This is why it’s crucial to know your customers and…

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  • Software Specifications With Vision

    When it comes to building software many New Zealand companies unnecessarily struggle with design and development issues. Much of this is due to software specifications without adequate pictures. Below is the specification a building architect has written for a new house: …the total floor area of the building is to be approximately 250 square metres…

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  • NZ Firms Need to Catch Up with Overseas

    More time for usability now development tools are more efficient An interview with Zef Fugaz by Stephen Bell, Computerworld (November 2004) If New Zealand developers are to increase exports of software and maintain an edge against overseas competitors then they would be well-advised to catch up on usability practice, says Zef Fugaz, a specialist in…

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  • Designing for Loyalty

    Astute web designers do more than just design with your customers in mind- they actually design with your customers- in person. Zef Fugaz looks at ways to get your users on board, and looks at New Zealand success stories. This article originally appeared in Unlimited Magazine (June 2004) The dotcom crash taught the young web…

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  • Kissing the Lips of E-govt

    Kissing the Lips of E-govt

    Achieving e-Government compliance for public sector websites will require a makeover that’s greater than skin-deep. Zef Fugaz looks at the realities of putting public service websites on the operating table and making them skip to an e-Government beat. Trevor has spoken. By 2006 all public service websites will have to be well and truly on…

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