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  • I’m going on a power trip

    I’m going on a power trip

    After a wonderful five-plus years as the “UX Guy” at Click Suite I’m making a move to the pink palace in Newtown – Powershop HQ. I’ve continuously looked ahead to the next big thing and one reason I joined Click Suite is because I saw the touch-gesture revolution coming. Turns out, good move! I got…

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  • My Day Job

    My Day Job

    During the day I work at Click Suite – a little new media company based in Wellington which picks up some strange and wonderful projects. I frequently write articles for their blog – 360°. Here’s some of my latest posts… Your Place or My Place? Facebook will soon not only track your conversations and interests,…

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  • Good Onya!

    Good Onya!

    On Friday night I was the proud recipient of an ONYA – awarded to this website for ‘Best content (personal)’. The other finalists in the category were Alison Green of  WebWeaver for  The Gathering Archives, and Jared Gulian for  Moon over Martinborough. Sorry guys! What makes the ONYAs  so special is that the  judging panel…

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  • The Pollinator

    The Pollinator

    Click Suite // Auckland Museum: The Pollinator from Click Suite on Vimeo. Using touch-screen technology visitors could tap into a world of pollination. Auckland Museum and Click Suite took three common New Zealand insects – the honey bee, monarch and native hoverfly – and set them loose in an amazing virtual rose garden. The Pollinator,…

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  • A Suite Makeover

    A Suite Makeover

    Ever heard the saying “you’re your own worst client?” In our industry it’s common knowledge that a DYO (or “Design Your Own“) website is one of the trickiest things a web/interactive/design company can undertake. First of all, paid work always comes first. So despite your best efforts the DYO falls by the wayside, only to…

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  • I Like Visuals

    I Like Visuals

    Here’s some of the information graphics I created in 2009 while working at Click Suite.  These featured in various reports such as online strategies and concepts. I started to experiment a bit more, beyond the usual bar-graph, but I have a long way to go before I’m in the same league as the visualisation gurus…

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  • Tap Dancing on Paper

    Tap Dancing on Paper

    When it comes to creating a user experience specification for a website, it\’s usually a straight forward exercise. You create wireframe diagrams and show the web pages in different states. But how do you specify user interactions for a touch-screen that\’s ever-changing, highly interactive and has unpredictable curious creatures influencing the user navigation? This was…

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  • Tsunami Early Warning Information Graphic

    Tsunami Early Warning Information Graphic

      When the recent 6 metre tsunami hit the Samoan region, killing 189 people, there unfortunately wasn’t time to warn their people. But there was time to warn their neighbours in the South Pacific. We failed. New Zealand had several hours to crank-up the tsunami warning machine. The police did their best to round up…

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  • User Centred Design with Microsoft Expression

    User Centred Design with Microsoft Expression

    A presentation from my archives – many of the points made in these slides are still relevant today. A brief presentation I did at ‘Microsoft Expression for Art’s Sake‘ – a 3 Day Silverlight Camp held in Wellington, New Zealand in April 2009. It makes the simple point that, while Expression is a great tool-set,…

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  • Notes From User Experience Week 2008

    Notes From User Experience Week 2008

    A presentation from my archives – many of the points made in these slides are still relevant today. Notes From User Experience Week 2008 from Zef Fugaz

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  • Ze Frank: Hot or Not?

    Ze Frank: Hot or Not?

    A big hit of Webstock was internet phenomenon and chief chef of Earth Sandwiches, Ze Frank. Ze Frank is an online performance artist, composer, humorist and public speaker based in New York. He rose to internet fame ever since his “How to Dance Properly” viral video (born as a party invite for 17 friends) –…

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  • Feeding the Suite Spot

    Feeding the Suite Spot

    The SUITE SPOT (as seen at Webstock) takes live data feeds from blogs, Twitter, Flickr and SMS messages then ‘repurposes’ all of this into an exploratory scene. The feeds might look  simple enough on screen but deciding what appears on the timeline, where and when were all challenges faced during the design and development. The…

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  • Where’s Your Suite Spot?

    Where’s Your Suite Spot?

    Who knew swimming with data could be such fun. In 2009 my employer, Click Suite, is a major sponsor of Webstock. Webstock is a series of workshops and seminars held in Wellington from 16- 20 February focusing on web technologies and attracting major international speakers. As part of our sponsorship we are providing an experimental…

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  • Don’t Mash the Method

    Don’t Mash the Method

    Is ‘process’ the same as ‘method’? Many people seem confused. Does it matter? Sort of. It matters when your job is to take a look at how a company runs its design and production line. Over the years I’ve re-engineered the in-house processes for a handful of IT and New Media companies. I’ve learnt that,…

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    At Click Suite we’re researching the feasibility of an outdoor  LED installation at a top secret location somewhere in Wellington. It’s in the early stages but what’s evident is that just like tall building envy, there’s LED envy. But is big HUGE MASSIVE always better? China has the biggest LED display right now, but as…

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  • leftovers


    It has been about six months since I changed jobs and now some of the projects my old team were working on at the time have started going public… This was my last mini-project during my last week at Provoke (ironic since I don’t eat meat!). I did the Information Architecture and Alastair Bruerton the…

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  • ‘Goggle Type’ exposed as fake

    ‘Goggle Type’ exposed as fake

    A modified typewriter touted as the original Google appliance is, in fact, a well-crafted fake, the Skeptics Society, Mr Vintage and a font expert says. The device, an object known as a ‘typewriter‘, was said to have contained the template for Google, the popular search engine, as well as a strikingly similar name (“Goggle”). Embossed…

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  • An interview with Jack Wyndham : Inventor of Goggle

    An interview with Jack Wyndham : Inventor of Goggle

    Jack Wyndham invented the Goggle Chrome Appliance and founded the Milton Beekeeping Society. He talks with zef[a]media. You invented the Goggle Chrome Type Appliance? I came up with the idea of a quick-search sheet for cataloguing honey varieties (and bees) down copper telephone lines in 1957 when I was 39, and patented it in 1971.…

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  • Goggle and Google : Side by Side

    Goggle and Google : Side by Side

    With the “Goggle Type Appliance” making the TV3 Nightline news last night, many people have been asking “…so what’s the difference between Goggle and Google?” Here’s a side-by-side comparison of a Goggle-generated document and a Google-generated webpage… [A] A slight variation in spelling. [B] The key topic or phrase is wrapped in a box. [C]…

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  • Inventor donates browser prototype to ‘Art with a Heart’

    Inventor donates browser prototype to ‘Art with a Heart’

    After my exclusive  scoop last week created ripples on the internet, the original “Type Goggling Appliance” (one of just three prototypes) has been discovered on a dusty shelf at the rear of the Mataura Muesum.   No one knows how it came to be there but suspicions are that it was ‘acquired’ at a dawn…

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  • Some Slides to Share

    The presentation slides from the UPANZ Wellington Spring Event which took place yestersday – thanks to all who came along… Don’t Get GUI : Get NUI! View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: gestural interface) Web Strategy (by Lulu Pachuau) View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: user strategy)

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  • Back to the Future

    The time has come for a change and it is with some sadness to tell you that next week is my last at Provoke. It has been an invaluable experience over the past 4+ years, but for numerous little reasons it is time for me to move on. It’s especially difficult to leave behind my…

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