Inventor donates browser prototype to ‘Art with a Heart’


After my exclusive  scoop last week created ripples on the internet, the original “Type Goggling Appliance” (one of just three prototypes) has been discovered on a dusty shelf at the rear of the Mataura Muesum.



No one knows how it came to be there but suspicions are that it was ‘acquired’ at a dawn raid in 1975 when Wyndham was suspected of harbouring Vietnamese beekeepers.

Jack Wyndham’s 1959 prototype of the “Type Goggling Appliance” looks remarkably similar to virtual replicas today.

A “virtual appliance” beta of the Google Chrome web browser was unveiled in Septemer 2008 and, since then, 163 million have been downloaded, filling Google’s coffers with billions of bytes of human-to-machine activities.

Jack Wyndham, now 88, took out a worldwide patent in 1971 for a “Type Goggling Appliance” that looks similar to the Google Chrome but could store only 50 words per minute.

Wynham dubbed his prototype (a modified chrome typewriter) the “Goggle Type” and planned to expand its capacity as technology advanced.

At the request of Jack Wyndham the Appliance has been donated to charity and is now available for auction on Trade Me. All proceeds are going to Save the Children.






The creation of this, and over 20 other art works, was made possible by Click Suite supporting us by donating a day to “Art with a Heart”.

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Proceeds from this auction are going to Save the Children to support our fundraising efforts as part of the 2008 Vietnam cycle challenge.

Thanks for supporting our cause by bidding on this auction – bid high, coz its all going to charity!

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