It has been about six months since I changed jobs and now some of the projects my old team were working on at the time have started going public…


This was my last mini-project during my last week at Provoke (ironic since I don’t eat meat!). I did the Information Architecture and Alastair Bruerton the visual design. Visit website.


I wasn’t heavily involved with this one, but sure does have some fancy backend stuff going on which allows members to enter a ballot for holiday homes. Visit website.


The flashest high school website around. Visit website. Most of the work was done by Kate Insoll – she now runs Trinkit. Another project (which I can’t show you a picture of) was for Kiwibank. The innovative Information Architecture was created by Lulu and visual design by Alastair Bruerton. You can find out all about  it on day two of the Strategic Information Management Summit, December 8 – 11, 2008 in Wellington, New Zealand (“How to Get Organisational Buy-In”  presented by Kevin O\’Donnell Knowledge Manager at Kiwibank).


I can’t claim credit for this, but I was involved in the early stages of the redesign. Good to see the bank taking a more user-centred approach but in my view there’s still too much content. Most other banking websites also suffer from clutter and need to simplify their product/service offerings. Visit website.

And more recent work…


This was my first project when I joined Click Suite – an interactive game of shot put. I purposely kept it simple and fun so young kids can get into it. Visit website.