Emerging Technologies

  • World’s First Bearcam

    World’s First Bearcam

    In 1995 I took part in what was arguably one of the first webcams in New Zealand and certainly the one and only bearcam on the planet! The innovation took place at Vidmark Productions – a little TV and video production house based in Dunedin – it was run by Steve Young from the legendary 70s…

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  • Tap Dancing on Paper

    Tap Dancing on Paper

    When it comes to creating a user experience specification for a website, it\’s usually a straight forward exercise. You create wireframe diagrams and show the web pages in different states. But how do you specify user interactions for a touch-screen that\’s ever-changing, highly interactive and has unpredictable curious creatures influencing the user navigation? This was…

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  • Get Real!

    Get Real!

    Digital content should be there to enhance and extend an already compelling real-world experience, not replace, clutter or dominate it.

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  • Where’s Your Suite Spot?

    Where’s Your Suite Spot?

    Who knew swimming with data could be such fun. In 2009 my employer, Click Suite, is a major sponsor of Webstock. Webstock is a series of workshops and seminars held in Wellington from 16- 20 February focusing on web technologies and attracting major international speakers. As part of our sponsorship we are providing an experimental…

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  • Gesturing Government

    A lot of people I’ve been talking to recently are excited by the emergence of NUI (Natural User Interfaces), but are asking “Isn’t this just for gamers?” My immediate answer is “yes”. Gamers have been the first to embrace the technology (the Nintendo Wii remote controller  is one example of this). Future gaming consoles are…

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  • Don’t get GUI : Get NUI!

    Have you been getting NUI recently? If you’ve ever used a touch screen then you’re well on the way to the brave new world of ‘Natural User Interfaces’. Well, that’s what they were calling it over at UX Week in San Francisco. But it’s also know as ‘Gestural User Interfaces’ by many. NUI will be…

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