• Government to review ‘wild west’

    Government to review ‘wild west’

    Inquisition, Theosophy and Tools Minister John Wayne has ordered a review into the ”wild west”, he announced today. The Minister will examine the adequacy of regulations around how cowboys and cowgirls interact with the townsfolk. One-armed bandits and outlaws are not subject to any form of regulation or professional or ethical standards, Mr Wayne told…

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  • ‘Goggle Type’ exposed as fake

    ‘Goggle Type’ exposed as fake

    A modified typewriter touted as the original Google appliance is, in fact, a well-crafted fake, the Skeptics Society, Mr Vintage and a font expert says. The device, an object known as a ‘typewriter‘, was said to have contained the template for Google, the popular search engine, as well as a strikingly similar name (“Goggle”). Embossed…

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  • An interview with Jack Wyndham : Inventor of Goggle

    An interview with Jack Wyndham : Inventor of Goggle

    Jack Wyndham invented the Goggle Chrome Appliance and founded the Milton Beekeeping Society. He talks with zef[a]media. You invented the Goggle Chrome Type Appliance? I came up with the idea of a quick-search sheet for cataloguing honey varieties (and bees) down copper telephone lines in 1957 when I was 39, and patented it in 1971.…

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  • Goggle and Google : Side by Side

    Goggle and Google : Side by Side

    With the “Goggle Type Appliance” making the TV3 Nightline news last night, many people have been asking “…so what’s the difference between Goggle and Google?” Here’s a side-by-side comparison of a Goggle-generated document and a Google-generated webpage… [A] A slight variation in spelling. [B] The key topic or phrase is wrapped in a box. [C]…

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  • Inventor donates browser prototype to ‘Art with a Heart’

    Inventor donates browser prototype to ‘Art with a Heart’

    After my exclusive  scoop last week created ripples on the internet, the original “Type Goggling Appliance” (one of just three prototypes) has been discovered on a dusty shelf at the rear of the Mataura Muesum.   No one knows how it came to be there but suspicions are that it was ‘acquired’ at a dawn…

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  • Govt details HTML switch-off plans

    Technology Minister Dave Cunlife, says the Government will announce a date for the turn-off of HTML websites by 2010 – or sooner, if uptake of rich media hits 55 per cent of users. He expects there to be a six to ten month transition period before the migration to rich media is completed. New Zealand’s…

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