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Be Very Afraid…

With around 75% of New Zealand homes online that leaves about a million people who do still do not have access to the internet in this country. Worldwide an estimated one billion people have access. That’s leaves around 5.7 billion who don’t. The main reasons are they can’t afford it, are too young to pick […]

Don’t Mash the Method

Is ‘process’ the same as ‘method’? Many people seem confused. Does it matter? Sort of. It matters when your job is to take a look at how a company runs its design and production line. Over the years I’ve re-engineered the in-house processes for a handful of IT and New Media companies. I’ve learnt that, […]

Goggle and Google : Side by Side

With the “Goggle Type Appliance” making the TV3 Nightline news last night, many people have been asking “…so what’s the difference between Goggle and Google?” Here’s a side-by-side comparison of a Goggle-generated document and a Google-generated webpage… [A] A slight variation in spelling. [B] The key topic or phrase is wrapped in a box. [C] […]

Google Chrome invented by beekeeper

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No, this isn’t the name of my latest usability technique, but a ‘smattering’ of news from the frontline here at New Zealand’s toastiest Interaction Design kitchen… Kitchen? Why yes… Provoke’s ever-expanding Design & User Experience team have been camped in the kitchen for several months now – we’ve been putting on the elbow grease, monitoring […]

Blobbing-Up Users

We’ve been going all gooey over ‘blob charts’ – our answer to persona data analysis – a godsend when faced with dozens of interview transcriptions and observations. When analysing users we look at a huge number of facets including: …Gender, Age group, Family situation, Income, Housing, Where living, Occupation, Education, Race/Ethnicity, Nationality, Language skills, Social […]

Good News Zealand

I’m going a little off topic from ‘User Experience in IT’ this week to user experiences of a different sort… It has been an interesting week for New Zealand with a plethora of "good news" stories. Beating is for Eggs First of all the so called "anti-smacking bill" (a far more accurate term would have […]

putting yourself out there

Many of you would have already heard of the threats against popular software industry blogger Kathy Sierra. That is the question…I briefly met Kathy when I organised a UPANZ event in 2006. Like most famous people I’ve met she’s not as ‘loud’ as she appears on-screen or on-stage. She’s petite and quietly spoken, and I […]

Good vs Evil

ponoko My ex work colleague Dave ten Have is making his dream real with new venture Ponoko. Ponoko allows designers to have their own workshop and factory to create products…as well as an online showroom to sell their designs. It’s a great idea, especially for spatial/industrial designers who can create in a 3D space or […]

iFlat Earth

Are we throwing ourselves blindly into a yawning flat paradigm with the Apple iPhone? Let us consider a world without pressing your (or someone else’s) buttons… First of all, try kissing a glossy photograph of Bradgelina’s lips (Brad or Angelina, or both, depending on your persuasion). Next, try some real lips – you might want […]

TranzMetro Goes Web2.0

TranzMetro, Wellington’s commuter train service, has undergone several partial make-overs in recent years and the railyards are a  living case-study of a confused or fragmented branding department. But, in the spirit of Web2.0, I think they’ve finally hit on a winning formula – and this morning we were greeted with customised railcars, designed by the […]

Buy Kiwi-Designed

In New Zealand a battle of words is raging over a new ‘Buy Kiwi-Made’ campaign. The Greens (who lead the campaign) say that ‘New Zealand manufacturers and workers can be assured that only products actually made in New Zealand will be entitled to carry the New Zealand Made labelling, as specified by legislation.’ But some […]

Just “waiting for the real thing?”

Ever had a brilliant idea that could potentially ‘spice-up’ a business, the world wide web, or the planet? Like many creative people my great ideas often stay “just ideas”. They tend to languish and then fade away. Except, in my case they don’t always fade away – a few abandoned concepts have come back to […]

Anesthetising Our Way of Life

According to at least one New Zealander we’re well on the way to sharing a similar fate as the 14th century Easter (or ‘Rapanui’) Islanders. This morning Linda Clark was interviewing Peter Lloyd – a Hawkes Bay senior anesthetist turned climate change expert. He had grave concerns for New Zealand and the planet in the […]

Painting Over History

Another little bit of Wellington history was given a ‘big brush over’ earlier this month. It was a row of old shop-front signs on the corner of Cuba and Ghuznee Streets (which looked as though they originated from the middle of last century). It’s the sort of thing which goes on all the time, but […]

…but will it fold the washing?

For christmas my eldest daughter was given a Knex construction kit – and a few hours later Ferris was born. Ferris is pretty simple, but inquisitive – its main function being to drive around the floor, bump in to objects, act ‘confused’, persist and eventually get out of tricky situations. Of course “Ferris” – part […]