No, this isn’t the name of my latest usability technique, but a ‘smattering’ of news from the frontline here at New Zealand’s toastiest Interaction Design kitchen…


Why yes… Provoke’s ever-expanding Design & User Experience team have been camped in the kitchen for several months now – we’ve been putting on the elbow grease, monitoring the toast consumption and causing havoc with coffee grinds in the dishwasher. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re looking to get out of the kitchen and into roomier premises – preferably somewhere with character in the Wellington CBD (tip-offs wanted).

Go the Code Blacks!


Recently I’ve been getting feedback that my quotes are “too expensive”. I think the mistake I make is that I assume clients want “the best” when it turns out they want “anything better than what we have now!” (and fast). Not being one to compromise on quality I’ve been looking into ways to streamline without sacrificing quality. That’s why I’m looking forward to taking part in Full Code Press next month. This where a team of seven industry experts will build a fully-fledged website from the ground-up in just 24 hours. Based on an average hourly rate of $150/h we figure that’s at least $25,000 worth of website. To make it tricky we’ll know nothing about the client, content or users until we start… and the New Zealand team (the ‘Code Blacks’) will be competing against an Australia team for the best result. Here’s our blog – – spread the word and we look forward to your support!

Mase is Ace

Who is NZIM Central Regional Young Executive of the Year? Mase is! By the way, he’s also the charismatic Managing Director of Provoke, a first-time Daddy and will take on the Northern and Southern winners for the national title in November.

Generous I.A?

According to My Personal DNA I’m a “Generous Architect” – which is kinda cool because this corresponds nicely with my role as a ‘user-centered information architect’ (it must be in my genes)…

…so, what’s your Personal DNA?