I’m Full Code Press Ahead!


The wait is finally over!

The following names from both teams were drawn from a hat*:

The Australian team:

  • Marla Mitelman – Project manager
  • Ruth Ellison – User experience /IA
  • Sarah Peeke – Designer
  • David McDonald – HTML/CSS coder
  • Rex Chung – Programmer
  • Melissa Cater – Writer

The NZ Team:

  • Peter Johnston (Sorted) – Writer
  • Jeffrey Wegesin (Xero) – HTML/CSS [and ex-Provoker whizzkid]
  • Mark Rickerby (Coretxt) – Programmer
  • Zef Fugaz (Provoke) – UX/IA [hey – that’s me!]
  • Steve Dennis (Enlighten) – Designer
  • Thomas Scovell (Shift) – Project Manager

Stay tuned for the announcement of the Captain\’s Choice position, to be announced next Friday (13th July).

* In an effort to be as transparent as possible, please note that a hat was not actually used for either team. they were actually an urn and a rather a large trophy shaped receptacle.

…now I’m going to have to read the rules properly…

Like, who will supply us with coffee?

{mild panic}

Congratulations to the other people selected – I look forward to meeting you all!

5 responses to “I’m Full Code Press Ahead!”

  1. Nas Avatar

    Hey Zef – congrats on getting selected for Full Code Press! You’re representing NZ now so don’t let them Aussies beat us!! 🙂

  2. Steve Dennis Avatar

    Congratulations Zef! Looks like we’ve got a very solid team. Will be good to work with all of you.

  3. Thomas Scovell Avatar

    Hey Zef!

    Great to be on the team with you. 🙂

  4. Chandima Avatar

    Goooo Zef! Bring home the Gold! (Do they give real gold or is it virtual gold you can go buy stuff in second life nowadays?)

  5. Adam Avatar

    Good work – I’m expecting a lot from the Kiwi’s… do us proud!

    I had no idea you got flights over to Oz – I should have read that email more closely.