I’m Full Code Press Ahead!


The wait is finally over!

The following names from both teams were drawn from a hat*:

The Australian team:

  • Marla Mitelman – Project manager
  • Ruth Ellison – User experience /IA
  • Sarah Peeke – Designer
  • David McDonald – HTML/CSS coder
  • Rex Chung – Programmer
  • Melissa Cater – Writer

The NZ Team:

  • Peter Johnston (Sorted) – Writer
  • Jeffrey Wegesin (Xero) – HTML/CSS [and ex-Provoker whizzkid]
  • Mark Rickerby (Coretxt) – Programmer
  • Zef Fugaz (Provoke) – UX/IA [hey – that’s me!]
  • Steve Dennis (Enlighten) – Designer
  • Thomas Scovell (Shift) – Project Manager

Stay tuned for the announcement of the Captain\’s Choice position, to be announced next Friday (13th July).

* In an effort to be as transparent as possible, please note that a hat was not actually used for either team. they were actually an urn and a rather a large trophy shaped receptacle.

…now I’m going to have to read the rules properly…

Like, who will supply us with coffee?

{mild panic}

Congratulations to the other people selected – I look forward to meeting you all!