Down Traden

Are you paying too much when buying goods on Trade Me? All it takes to find out is a couple of Googles.

Last July our juicer became redundant. That is, I was enthusiastically trying to clean out the hard-to-reach festering gungy bits of fruit pulp, and the thing just flew apart (I blame the designers – the fruit pulp should not have be able to reach impossible to reach places to begin with… surely).

So I trotted off to Trade Me to see what was on offer.

I’d heard about the Breville Juice Fountain – it lets you juice whole apples. On Trade Me people were asking around $120 – $150 (plus delivery charges) – which I thought sounded a bit steep for a used appliance.

So I Googled the Noel Lemming website.

They had a brand new one (on special) for $159.99 – not much more than the used models on Trade Me.

Next I visited LV Martin & Son – even better $149.95 (current price is $159.95), including free delivery to my area.

Now I’m all for recycling, but when it comes to modern appliances, I prefer to buy new.

Here’s more examples of where people could have saved money by spending five minutes shopping around (prices shown are what people actually paid):

TradeMe Dick Smith
iPOD 20GB G4 $355 to $430 $387
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – PS2 (New) $65 to $68.50 $49.90
Sony Ericsson P910i Mobile Phone $800 to $2000 $998
Olympus Camedia 10 MJU-300 3.2 megapixel 3x zoom (New) $399 $368

My curiosity is, why are people prepared to get a second-hand model when, for about the same price, they can get one brand new, backed with a guarantee and free delivery?

  • Is it because these people don’t know how to (re)search on the web?
  • Is it because it doesn’t even occur to people that they have other options?
  • Is it because they simply feel so comfortable using Trade Me that they will pay almost any price?
  • Do people get carried away in the auction process?

I don’t know the answers, but come on people – shop around!

PS: There’s also some really crazy bargains on Trade Me, so my advice only really applies to when you’re shopping for new items.

PPS: I ended up going for the Sunbeam Juicer – $149.95 from LV Martin. Loving the funky green colour…

One response to “Down Traden”

  1. Sam Avatar

    I think the auction addiction is like a gambling habit, except you usaually get something at the end of an auction, even if you do pay too much for it. There is an Ipod on at the moment, its brand new and still in the plastic wrap, obviously the reserve is going to be up there but people still bid on it, even if the bidding started at $1 and is knowhere near the reserve, its the thrill of the bid.Its cheaper and more addictive than drugs.