Hurricane Rentokil

A hand drier has just been installed at the Provoke toilets, and it’s creating chaos…

Uh oh...
Uh oh…

…all because of a string of simple usability issues.

The source of the issue (arguably) is the paper hand towel dispenser.

The towels are the big chunky variety – great for absorbing moisture and muck, but they don’t collapse down very well when thrown in the bin.

The issue is compounded because the bin is far too small for the job – it’s a standard office waste-paper bin – not designed to accomodate big chunky paper towels. So by lunchtime the bin is always overflowing.

The solution? A hand drier!

The latest issue? They’ve installed the drier directly OVER over the paper towel bin. So when you use the drier the paper towels blow all over the place.

...the wake of the hurricane
…the wake of the hurricane

It’s a hurricane in a toilet!

Each time I go into the toilets I move the bin AWAY from under the drier…

…but each time I return someone has moved it BACK to it’s old resting place (and there’s paper all over the floor).

It makes me wonder – is this the same human trait that had us build New Orleans in a lake and Wellington on an Earthquake fault line?

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Ha, it’s me who keeps moving the bin back under the drier. And I always will because it makes me happy to see the chunky paper flying round and round.