• Keep sucking and carry on

    Keep sucking and carry on

    DJ FiESTA! 1995. Photo Otago Daily Times. To others I apparently appear self-confident, but in reality I suffer from a fairly regular sprinkling of self-doubt. Too often I feel like my work might not be good enough, that I don’t spend quality time on things and that there’s someone better than me who could be…

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  • So it’s about time I updated my blog isn’t it?

    So it’s about time I updated my blog isn’t it?

    Well… …I don’t have a plan but it looks like I’m back. I think I’m going to be less glossy and a bit more gritty from now on. You’ll not only be hearing about my adventures in Experience Design but whatever’s rocking my world right now. I’ll reveal more about my personal life, thoughts and…

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  • Tsunami Early Warning Information Graphic

    Tsunami Early Warning Information Graphic

      When the recent 6 metre tsunami hit the Samoan region, killing 189 people, there unfortunately wasn’t time to warn their people. But there was time to warn their neighbours in the South Pacific. We failed. New Zealand had several hours to crank-up the tsunami warning machine. The police did their best to round up…

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  • word

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  • Search Engine Not Starting!

    I’m working on a new information architecture for a transport-related website. I’m presenting the first cut tomorrow and wondering if this one will get past the critics… Wouldn’t it be nice to see a bit more humour on New Zealand websites?      

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  • sliding around

    I’ve started uploading some of my presentations to SlideShare… Here’s the one from kiwi foocamp… Visualisation techniques for workshops where you need to get a consensus in the room   And the one from Webstock 2008…   If you find these useful let me know and I’ll upload some others!

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  • who wants to save the world?

    The Imagine Cup encourages young people to apply their imagination, passion and creativity to technology innovations that can make a difference in the world today. Now in its sixth year, the Imagine Cup has grown to be a truly global competition focused on finding solutions to real world issues. The 2008 Theme: The Environment Provoke…

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  • Crazy idea archives : part one

    My perfect job would be sitting around sipping soy lattes and coming up with bright ideas for the next “killer app”. Now, from the archives of the legendary zef[a]media bondi blue iMac – crazy ideas that never happened! p.u.p {a portal concept from 1999 – then updated in 2000} Impound your PIM – and get…

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