Crazy idea archives : part one

My perfect job would be sitting around sipping soy lattes and coming up with bright ideas for the next “killer app”. Now, from the archives of the legendary zef[a]media bondi blue iMac – crazy ideas that never happened!


{a portal concept from 1999 – then updated in 2000}


Impound your PIM – and get a PUP – your Personal Utilisation Port.

It\’s much more than a bland management system. It\’s a tail-chasing tool – and does the chasing for you by gathering all those little things you need to keep in check everyday – time, money, phone messages etc…

PUP can sniff out your email, home phone message box, fetch your news, unleash your daily schedule, dig around the web for tidbits, attack your billing problems, and even deactivate your home security system so the plumber can fix that friggin tap.

All this is controlled via Kennel Central – your PUP\’s homebase on the internet. From here you can set your personal services, options, and even update your PUP\’s personality.

Access PUP from your PDA, Cellphone, or the WWW.

Eight years later this concept is probably feasible – hey, now we even have robotic dogs!

Coming up in Part 2 : “Interwap”.