Search Engine Not Starting!

I’m working on a new information architecture for a transport-related website. I’m presenting the first cut tomorrow and wondering if this one will get past the critics…


Wouldn’t it be nice to see a bit more humour on New Zealand websites?




One response to “Search Engine Not Starting!”

  1. Johnny-johnny Avatar

    I think it really depends on who your audience is and how/when you use it. If you have a niche focus and your audience thinks along similar lines then humor can work really well, especially to communicate info.

    However if it’s a site with a wide audience it might not be such a great idea. Wide audiences include people who speak English as a second language. Humor is one of the hardest things to understand or get in a new language.

    And your example… if you’re searching for something then you probably really want to find that something. To be told to try alternative fuel might not achieve the desired reaction of a knee-slapping hearty laugh but a barrage of verbal abuse directed at the monitor.

    Maybe humor could be turned on/off with one of Kathy Sierra’s WTF buttons!