• Digitise to Decarbonise!

    Digitise to Decarbonise!

    Author: Zef Fugaz. Originally published Jan 2023 by Tally Group. View the original post. How to help your customers take climate action with a click. At Tally Digital, our mission is to ‘create customer experiences with good energy’. ‘Good energy’ for customers comes from the gift of knowledge, being empowered to make informed choices and…

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  • Zef’s Management Ethos

    Zef’s Management Ethos

    Now that I have over seven years experience leading and managing Design/UX teams, I’m clear on what works and what doesn’t. I’ve never been a “command and control” manager – the type who is authoritative and decisive and usually has their team living in fear. My approach in recent years has been to be the quiet one working diligently behind…

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  • Keep sucking and carry on

    Keep sucking and carry on

    DJ FiESTA! 1995. Photo Otago Daily Times. To others I apparently appear self-confident, but in reality I suffer from a fairly regular sprinkling of self-doubt. Too often I feel like my work might not be good enough, that I don’t spend quality time on things and that there’s someone better than me who could be…

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  • So it’s about time I updated my blog isn’t it?

    So it’s about time I updated my blog isn’t it?

    Well… …I don’t have a plan but it looks like I’m back. I think I’m going to be less glossy and a bit more gritty from now on. You’ll not only be hearing about my adventures in Experience Design but whatever’s rocking my world right now. I’ll reveal more about my personal life, thoughts and…

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  • Answers to those Questions

    Answers to those Questions

    Occasionally I get emails from aspiring User Experience professionals asking a bunch of questions about the industry and how I got into it. Over the years I’ve had people contacting me from around the world including the USA, Europe, The Philippines, India and New Zealand. I thought it might be useful to share some of these questions…

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  • World’s First Bearcam

    World’s First Bearcam

    In 1995 I took part in what was arguably one of the first webcams in New Zealand and certainly the one and only bearcam on the planet! The innovation took place at Vidmark Productions – a little TV and video production house based in Dunedin – it was run by Steve Young from the legendary 70s…

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  • Government to review ‘wild west’

    Government to review ‘wild west’

    Inquisition, Theosophy and Tools Minister John Wayne has ordered a review into the ”wild west”, he announced today. The Minister will examine the adequacy of regulations around how cowboys and cowgirls interact with the townsfolk. One-armed bandits and outlaws are not subject to any form of regulation or professional or ethical standards, Mr Wayne told…

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  • My Day Job

    My Day Job

    During the day I work at Click Suite – a little new media company based in Wellington which picks up some strange and wonderful projects. I frequently write articles for their blog – 360°. Here’s some of my latest posts… Your Place or My Place? Facebook will soon not only track your conversations and interests,…

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