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Just over a year ago I took part in an amazing team competition called FullCodePress to build a website from the ground-up in 24hrs.


Read all about it

Since then I’ve had numerous requests from User Experience professionals around the world for copies of my information architecture templates and artifacts.

Here they are for the taking (under the Creative Commons licence below)…

The templates are derived from the User Experience toolkit I designed for the DUX team at Provoke. So we’ve given you the basic tools – it’s now up to you to do the magic with the actual user experience.

Creative Commons License
UX Templates by Zef Fugaz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

And here’s what some of these look like…





31 Replies to “Free UX Templates”

  1. Hi Zef,

    Looking at the Personas document, I know this is going to be immediately and permanently useful to me.

    Would it be possible for you to export SVG versions of the Visio documents for those of us who shun Microsoft?

    With thx!

  2. SVG, RTF and CSV package added for those rebels without MS Office!

  3. Hey, maybe it’s just me, but I’m getting an error when opening those SVG’s in a browser. (Should I be opening them in something else?)


  4. Hi Jason – sorry to hear you’re having problems. I’m not too familiar with SVGs so hopefully another reader can advise us? I can also make PDF versions available on request.

  5. To view the SVGs I think you need an SVG plug-in for your browser. Best to get the Visio versions as these are multipage and have all the template functionality.

  6. the SVGs get all screwed up in inkscape .. lines of text all on top of each other etc.

  7. These are elegant, clean and SUPER useful. I know how much work goes into creating these. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. A PDF version would be very much appreciated.


  9. Would love to see the PDF versions of the Visio Docs… Saw your post to the adaptive path UX mailing list. Thanks so much for posting these!


  10. PDF package now available. They don’t look so pretty but readable!

  11. Any chance of getting the Visio docs converted to OmniGraffle for the Mac-users in the house?

  12. Sorry Alicia – I don’t have OmniGraffle – but I heard it might let you import the Visio format? Alternatively if someone out there would like to convert them and send them through to me that would be greatly appreciated. Email to zef [at]

  13. Zef,
    I am very interested in seeing your visio templates – unfortunately, the version of viso we have in my company is Viso 2002. Any chance of sending me the templates saved as a lower version of visio that you normally use?

  14. Judy – current versions are 2003 – I’ll contact you directly.

  15. dear zef,

    this looks great! unfortunately the links to “Free UX Templates” and “SVG” are 404 at the moment. would love to take a look at these if you (or another reader) finds the files


  16. Links now fixed. Sorry this has taken so long. Still haven’t gotten around to mowing the lawns so consider yourselves lucky.

  17. Awesome set of templates Zef..Thanks for fixing the links. They look effective and great. Cheers

  18. Thanks for sharing such useful (and free) UX templates. Definitely an asset to any web team’s toolbox.

  19. Thanks for sharing the UX templates. This is really good work and helps me a lot. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  20. Hi Zef, I really appreciate your efforts to share in your ux platforms, thank you! Some time early last year (april 2008 I think) you talked about blobbing users, is there any chance you have anymore info or a template you’d be willing to share how to create those amazing visuals (for a mac user)? I’m an ethnographer and I often struggle with communicating lots of data and think this would help tremendously! Thank you for considering, best aaron

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