Picture of Zef

full-stack UX pro.

I’m a leader

I’m a product leader, creative, CXO, head of design – call me what you like – at the end of the day it’s about producing products people love (and that’s good for business). I seek out organisations that are progressive in human happiness, equality, inclusion and the health of the planet.

A team-builder

I’ve established and directed a number of high-performance product and user experience teams. My focus is to enable my team members to flourish and succeed through working collaboratively, undertaking research, envisioning solutions, designing, building, testing, delivering and gathering insights.

And a designer

I have 20 years experience in the broad field of experience design (SD, HCD, CX, UX, UI, IxD) and realising the potential of emerging technologies to bring fun, learning and wow moments to people’s lives. I have a passion for the power of collaboration, systems, connections and technology to empower and enrich people’s lives – whether it be transactional, educational or pure entertainment.

Where I can help

Product leadership, brand alignment: UX strategy, user research, personas, journey maps, information architecture, UX copywriting, prototypes, usability testing, interaction design, digital marketing, data insights.