October 2005

  • Flashy Breakable Fisher & Paykel

    Great news for Kiwi design – appliance maker Fisher & Paykel Appliances has joined the ranks of global brands like Bose, Playstation, Stella Artois, Blackberry, Audi and Chanel – based on a list of “CoolBrand Leaders for 2005” says an article in the NZ Herald. The articles says F&P “has long been a firm favourite…

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  • Insincerity Sucks

    An article in the Sunday Star Times (‘Insincerely yours’, Oct 9 2005) claims that New Zealand companies “are robbing their customers, robbing their staff, and robbing themselves with an insincere approach to customer service”. The article goes on to say: The good experiences were powerful – but so were the bad ones: “Some people were…

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