October 2010

  • World’s First Bearcam

    World’s First Bearcam

    In 1995 I took part in what was arguably one of the first webcams in New Zealand and certainly the one and only bearcam on the planet! The innovation took place at Vidmark Productions – a little TV and video production house based in Dunedin – it was run by Steve Young from the legendary 70s…

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  • Government to review ‘wild west’

    Government to review ‘wild west’

    Inquisition, Theosophy and Tools Minister John Wayne has ordered a review into the ”wild west”, he announced today. The Minister will examine the adequacy of regulations around how cowboys and cowgirls interact with the townsfolk. One-armed bandits and outlaws are not subject to any form of regulation or professional or ethical standards, Mr Wayne told…

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