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In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to recently, here’s a quick update…

Fly Buying

The new site has a fresh visual design and an improved user experience. This is the first stage of an ongoing programme of work so expect some further enhancements in future (and yes, we plan to fix the flickering tab rollover issues evident on some browsers!). The site is built on MOSS (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007). Overall, a nice design built in a tight timeframe – good work Provoke!

New Band Member!

This is Lulu Pachuau – she has done great work for Baazee (E-Bay India), Fronde, Hansel and more recently Shift. She is now a permanent member of the Provoke Design & User Experience team and fast discovering why we think different. Her feedback after her first few weeks? "…I belong here!"

Provoking Auckland

Pictured: Mason and Rob playing "I’m going on a bear hunt, it’s gonna be a BIG one!"

Auckland is on the brink of going insane, so obviously they thought of me… I was up there last week and visited the new office – the old Post Office building on Symonds Street – nice space!

Getting Spooled

Jared Spool contacted me recently and asked to feature the Provoke blob charts and personas in his Building Robust Personas Seminar. I subscribed to Spool’s UIE newsletter (then on paper!) in the late 1990’s, so was thrilled that he wanted to feature our work!


2 responses to “auckland spoolfly buys lulu”

  1. Laurie Avatar

    Hi – took a look at the Flybuys site with the thought that I might join up – it looks great to use but doesn’t have a feature which would have helped me make up my mind whether to join, which is a search engine of all the places you can get Flybuys from. I would have liked to type in the places I usually spend most of my money at in order to find out whether they have flybuys, then decide whether to join.

  2. Zef Avatar

    Places you can collect points can be found here (the site currently only lists a controlled list of places you can collect points):