Free, free – set them free…

It has been interesting watching Chandima in action at Provoke since I lured him away from Synergy Fronde (or “Fondle” as some of us  affectionately refer to them around here).


This man is on the rampage – and we like it like that…By no means is Provoke the perfect company (almost – we’re just doing some tweaking), but one thing it is really good at is unleashing an employees dreams and potential.

One thing Chan told me he was passionate about was Microsoft SharePoint – he knew he had the potential to pick it up and run with it – but felt he was never given the true freedom and support to do this.

Now, after  around six months at Provoke Chan has been able to weld his pent-up potential…

He has helped lift Provoke’s knowledge and profile in the SharePoint space, has ingrained himself into the company culture and has recently become Microsoft MVP (Most Valued  Professional) for SharePoint Server    – one of just two people in New Zealand (or 0.0000005% of the population).

Chan will be presenting at the Asia Pacific SharePoint Conference next month (May 15-16 Sydney).

I look forward to seeing what’s next in Chan’s epic journey!

PS – This just in…

Wanted: Project Manager

Provoke are looking for a polished and confident Project Manager to join their Professional Services team. You will be managing  user-centred software design solutions.

To be considered for this role you would need a pragmatic and disciplined approach to project management and ideally be Prince2 or PMP certified. You will be expected to be able to hit the ground running and be an innovative and inspirational member of the team.

Provoke is a world-class, New Zealand-based company specialising in business-focused software excellence, utilising the Microsoft suite of technologies.

Contact if you are interested.