Gadget Neglect

Canon TX1 : Ingenious or insane – I’m not sure which…
I’ve been so busy recently that my new (and first ever) digital camera sat unopened on my desk for 7 days.

For just $NZ500 (plus an extra $80 for a 4Gb memory card) I’ve now got a camera which not only shoots stills, but also high-definition video.

After getting over the awkward smallness of the Canon TX1 I’m gob smacked by the endless features this little camera promises (and delivers).

Like my other super gadgets (the 1950’s transistor radio, iMac Bondi, 3rd generation ipod and Treo650), I forsee that I’ll work this little machine until it falls apart.

Am I unusual in that I don’t upgrade every 6 months?

Last weekend was the Provoke annual conference in Martinborough. As usual we had fantastic Wairarapa weather and my annual tequila ritual – my presentation went down a treat too.


I’m feeling happy with where my design team is at – we’re performing well, winning some great contracts and despite the stress and pressure that goes with the web industry, still managing to have lots of fun.


What’s more we’re on target to double in-size of the Wellington design team by the end of 2008… plus there’s the new Auckland office – it’s all go!


Work-wise we’re the busiest I think we’ve ever been – including two intranets, a portal, several little websites and one ginarmous one – I’ll let the cat out of the bag late November.


And if you haven’t heard already, Webstock is back and it’s going to be great! Are you going?


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  1. Design manager Avatar

    You really had to be very busy not to open such a technology masterpiece for 7 days. 😉