Hiccups ruin commuter’s lives…

Stuff reports a ‘big financial hit’  for Stagecoach due to staff not understanding  their new software.

The mess has seen up to 70 services a day cancelled or delayed, and bus passengers enduring two weeks of cancelled or delayed services since the bus firm introduced a new computerised roster.

Their excuse?

“The (roster) package has done nothing wrong. We made a few mistakes in understanding it.”

That’s a quote for the books!

metlink is smarting

They went on to say:

“As often occurs with that sort of implementation, you can have a few hiccups.”

And it gets worse. Passengers on a Khandallah bus were stunned last week when their driver stopped and asked them for directions. Huh? Don’t they even carry paper maps anymore?

The company still faced problems with its new roster as drivers did not have enough time to complete some trips.

Two weeks of stuff-ups, stranded passengers, lost bus-drivers, page  one news  and a big financial hit? Sounds like more than a few hiccups to me!

One has to ask…

  • Did they assess the software from a user’s perspective?
  • Did they do live run-throughs with the new software alongside their old system?
  • Did they train staff how to use it?
  • Did they have a back-up plan incase of ‘hiccups’?

Doesn’t sound like it.